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Professional Coding - Algorithms



In this course you will learn how to program important and commonly used computer Algorithms.

Learning Algorithms is crucial to become a professional coder.

An algorithm is a detailed step-by-step instruction process, which takes into account all different possibilities and cases, followed in order to accomplish a specific task or to solve a specific problem. 

Example: Mapping applications such as Google Maps need algorithms to calculate routes through cities, taking into account distance, traffic, and accidents.

Not only does this course turn a young coder into a professional coder it benefits them with day-to-day life skills:

  • Problem-solving 

  • Logical thinking

  • Cross-disciplinary Skills 

  • Breaking down huge problems into smaller more manageable tasks

In this course you will learn:

Data Structures:

  • ✅  Array

  • ✅  Linked List

  • ✅  Stack 

  • ✅  Queue

Algorithms :

  • ✅  Searching Algorithms

  • ✅  Sorting Algorithms

  • ✅  Brute force-based algorithms

  • ✅  Recursive algorithms

  • ✅  Divide and conquer algorithms

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