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Build your Child's Valuable Coding & Problem-Solving Skills

Empower your child with creativity & logical thinking through our

Fun & Interactive

Coding Classes

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Vacancies Available in our Online Classes

Coding is Fun
whether attending with Mini Developer in-person or Online !

We're glad to announce that Booking is now Open for the Autumn term which begins in September 2024 in our
in-person and also our Online classes.

Coding in Ealing Council Libraries!

Mini Developer partners with Ealing Council Libraries  starting from September term 2023.

Proud to work together to spread the knowledge, benefit the community and prepare children for the digital future.

The Benefit of the Early Learning of Coding

Apart from improving writing & mathematics skills, Learning Coding boosts STEM.

Gives children 5 steps of progress skills in life and eventually in the workforce.


Join us on this journey & give your children the opportunity to boost their skills.

Our Teaching program combines Knowledge with Fun

Our coding program assists children to build valuable skills in life and eventually in the workforce


Generating ideas, alternatives, or possibilities to solve problems.

Logical Thinking

Developing problem-solving and critical-thinking skills


Enhancing communication and collaboration skills

Digital Literacy

Providing an understanding of technology and how it shapes our world

Your Coding Journey

Our program levels are tailored to take you from-Zero-to-Hero!

Covering everything from basic and advanced coding concepts

to different paths you can take as a professional developer.

Become a Coding Maestro!


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